The Essential Questions To Ask A Venue For A Wedding!

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So you’ve researched a lot and narrowed the list of wedding venues down to a few.

What’s next?

Visit the venue so you can explore exactly what it’s like. But before you start the tour, there are some questions you should ask about a venue for a wedding.

With everything from vehicle parking to alcohol restrictions, our list of wedding venue questions has covered all. Check it out right now!


How Many People Does The Space Accommodate?

A venue’s capacity is the foremost thing you should know, as it affects your guest list and, therefore, your budget.

If you love the space, but it only fits 100 guests comfortably, and you need to invite over 200, take a pause. Then decide the venue or the guest count, which is more important to you.

What Kinds Of Aesthetic Features Do You Have?

It’s essential to know about the standout features of the venue. You should know whether it blends with your décor’ vision.

For instance, are there creative backdrops for your glorious photos? Are there any breathtaking views, well-decorated interiors, or nature areas?

If you choose us, you can enjoy the exquisite natural surroundings that will enhance your event.

What Kinds Of Services Do You Offer?

You’ll want to know whether the venue for a wedding has an in-house caterer and any all-inclusive packages. There may have special dietary restrictions. Don’t presume that everything gets included.

For instance, our venue has a built-in, fully equipped bar. But you need to pay additional charges for linens and place settings like plates, glasses, flatware, etc.

What About The Polices Regarding Food And Alcohol At Your Place?

It is a prime question to ask a wedding venue because some may have strict rules regarding outside services they allow in their place.

If you choose us, you are free to bring in any vendor as long as they have a license. Vendors are supposed to obey specific rules concerning where food can get prepared, vehicles parked, etc.

And The Barns at Edgemont Inn cannot supply alcohol. Ask your food caterer whether they can serve alcohol at your event or not.

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The Final Thought!

So, ask these questions before booking a lavish venue for a wedding.

If you wish to offer a rustic ambiance to your guests, you can count on us! Our barn wedding venue can offer glamorous comfort to you and your guests. The breezy, nature-flooded Barns deliver stunning views from every angle of meadow, forest, and farm.

Visit our other blog posts! And our packages and policies before making any decision!

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