How To Negotiate A Discount With Your Wedding Celebration Venue Owner?

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Your wedding day is probably the most significant and expensive event in your life. People wish to spend tens of thousands of dollars on different segments to make it extra special. But the problem is a high chunk goes to booking the venue. And so you experience money shortage when dealing with other vendors.

The solution is to ask for a discount while booking a wedding venue.

Let’s look at the tips on negotiating a discount with your chosen wedding venue. Here, we have shared simple steps you can take to get the best deal possible:


Step 1: Do Your Research

At the time of negotiating, try to collect more information. The more you have, the better you can crack the deal. If you have talked to one wedding venue previously, you will be in a poor negotiating position because they know you have only one genuine option.

Instead, consider talking to several venues and finding out their prices.

Step 2: Ask With Confidence

Confidence is the most essential key when cracking a deal. Do not feel nervous if you aren’t experienced with it. At least, you should not show it. The person at the front will detect your lack of confidence and can refuse your request without risking your business.

So, try to be confident and not attach any emotion to the outcome of the negotiation!

Step 3: Start Low

In a negotiation, your first offer will not get accepted. You will mostly end up somewhere between your first asking price and the standard price. So, start low. If you start too high, you might get a little discount.

Don’t know where to start? Ask for a 20 percent discount! – It’s low, without being insulting.

You can check out our two-day wedding package! It is reasonable. And you can get accommodations both nights for 14 persons in our glorious Queen Anne-style lodge.

Step 4: Wedding Venue Won’t Budge? Ask for More!

Yes! Some venues will refuse to offer a discount, but this doesn’t mean these are worthless! Instead of asking for a concession, ask them to provide some free services. You could request better props, decorations, or even food items.

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Step 5: Be Flexible With The Date

Increase your negotiating power? Or want to crack the best deal? Then try to be flexible with your date. Weekday or winter bookings can give you the chance to enjoy a good discount because there is much less competition.

The Final Thought!

A barn could be the best wedding celebration venue if you prefer a rustic ambiance for your BIG DAY. Our property has a perfect setting for your luxury country wedding. Visit the “event packages” to explore the price list and more!

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