How Can You Save Some Bucks on Your Wedding Event Packages?

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According to a recent survey, the average couple spends almost half of their budget on wedding event packages, and there are some good reasons behind it! In fact, as of 2019, the average American wedding reception/ceremony costs run somewhere between $27,000 to $29,000. It is true that we all want to celebrate a picture-perfect wedding ceremony. But not everyone can afford to spend that much money on their wedding.

So, there are a few ways to reduce this cost if you are planning to get married. Stick to the end for more info!

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Best Ways to Save Money on Wedding Event Packages

Here are a few ways you can save some money on your wedding event packages. So, read on to learn more!

1. Do Not Choose Peak Seasons

Are you fixated on getting married in the summer season? If not, you can save money by choosing alternative times of the year. Some popular peak seasons are June, September, and October (in the USA), where you need to spend at least $5,500 to $6,000. So, you can choose January or February to get married, where you can save a lot.

2. Getting Married on A Weekday is Not a Bad Idea

The cost of a wedding venue on Fridays, Saturdays, and holidays is much higher than on other days.

Another way you can save some money on your wedding event packages is by moving the wedding date from a Friday to a Thursday. Or in fact, Sunday is also a perfect day to get married if you are on a tight budget.

3. Go for the “All-Inclusive.”

Want to cut back on the overall costs of your wedding event package? Start looking for a venue with all-inclusive packages.

When you choose all-inclusive packages, you can save almost half of your wedding budget. And this is because you do not have to book different services. These venues will offer amenities, such as guest accommodations, vendor contacts, on-site parking, linens, and place settings, rectangular farm tables, circular tables, and plenty of chairs.

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So, when you get everything under one roof, you can save a lot of money. Another way to cut costs is to choose non-traditional venues such as breweries and barns.

Wrapping Up!

We all want to book an impressive wedding venue for our special day. But if you keep in mind the above-discussed points, you can reduce the cost of wedding event packages. Contact us for more details.

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