Barns: 6 Perfect Photoshoot Ideas Only For This Wedding Venue!

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Are you planning for your big day? Then you must be looking for a wedding venue that is great for a fabulous photoshoot. Choose a barn. Yes! for you, a barn wedding will be incredible!

The wedding venue barns offer fantastic spots for an amazing wedding photoshoot. And these photographs will last forever. So, the more photography options you have, the more unique your wedding album will be for years to come.

Here, we have come up with 6 photo ideas for your barn wedding venue. Let us explore!

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The Perfect Photoshoot Ideas That Are Only For Wedding Venue Barns!

The Gorgeous Barn

Barns look gorgeous and offer the perfect rustic wedding backdrop for your big day. So, it is the first location for your barn wedding photoshoot.

Our historic Queen-Anne-style Edgemont Inn has wide doors on all sides of barns for the free flow of breeze and guests. So, you will definitely get some of the best shots here.

Natural Rustic Settings

Some barn wedding photos will be simple shots where the photographers will feature a beautiful and natural backdrop of the barn.

The wedding venue barns usually offer panoramic country views with lush greenery.

Our barn provides magnificent views of Lake Champlain and the Vermont Green Mountains. You can add those to your wedding album too!

The Dance Floor

The dance floor is the ideal place to have some candid shots! This rustic celebration space offers separate dance and dining areas to accommodate 230 persons. Where you can cheer up with your closest friends and family and get some delightful wedding photos.

Barn Staircase

It is another spot where you can ask your photographer to take incredible photos. You can pose for a variety of photos utilizing the barn staircase.

To make it more splendid, lit candles and lanterns, scattered rose petals, and drapes a curtain to elevate the mood and customize the area as you want.


Don’t forget evening time shots after saying your marriage vows and enjoying the dance floor. The breathtaking views of the sunset will add a lot of charm to your barn wedding photographs.


Overhead Reception Shots

As we previously mentioned, our venue has large doors with high ceilings and a lot of architectural and decorative features. These elements can get added to your album.

Here, most photographers try to take an overview of the whole barn from the top that provides unique details of the entire interior of the barn.

The Final Thought!

People are finding a rustic ambiance when booking a wedding celebration venue. Are you one of them? You can consider us! Our wedding venue barns have 20 stunning acres and offer limitless backgrounds to snapshots. Visit our blog page to explore wedding packages and more!

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